The Fire of Self

This is how I’ve felt the last few days, like my whole body is on fire, but the fire can’t hurt me. At the same time, the fire commands my attention and demands I gaze into it and see possibilities and changes that I hadn’t thought about before or I’d only hinted at, but now I know they are on their way. Changes in my practice and craft. Changes in my perspective. 

Work with Hekate in both ritual and dreams has opened doorways as she does and I can feel energy and indeed magick crackling around me. This is my energy and its time to claim it more deeply, more authentically. 

I have seen myself in the shadow of fire and its now time to move on deeper, deeper, deeper down my path and know that magick, deities of spirit and shadow, and the rhythms of body and earth will accompany me. 

I wanted to express this because I want everyone to know that magickal paths or any path a person is on can change and adapt and show us the deeper places we must go. Your path is your path!  I’ve always felt very certain I knew where I was going but fire is less interested in plans than in will, passion, and love. 

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